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      Middletown Community Day 5/13/2017 Rain or shine. Set up from noon to 2:30. Community Day from3pm to 7pm.
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      Port Deposit VFW Car show 4/8/17. 10am to 3pm 520 Susquehanna river rd. Port Deposit MD contact  Bruce@ 410-642-2847 or e-nail(PortDepositVFW@aol.com)

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  2. 2nd Thursday of the month @ Chi Café starting 5/11 need 5 to10 cars cruise in from 5 till 8 for the dinner crowd. Please let me know if your interested call 610-565-8365 Thanks Brian
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  4. Brandywine Region swap meet. 4/30/17 719 Valley Road Hockessin DE 19707 8am till2pm. 5/6/17 r/d 5/7 Vagabonds East Petersburg Community Park 6051 Pine Street $15. 11 am to 3pm. Beers & Gears Delaware Park Casino $15. 11am-4pm 5/13 r/d 6/4
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  6. If stuff is unclear about a show please call me @610-565-8365 thanks.
  7. 4/22 10 TO 2PM $15.00 plus 2 canned goods
  8. Pledge Secretaries Report: Still unable to post to calendar. 2 shows upcoming are Chariots of fire @Booths corner 4/22 ten till two $15. And K.O.P 4/29 $20. Treasurers Report: Available on request
  9. 5/13/2017 3pm to 7pm @ Penn State. Set up noon to 2.30
  10. Due to my inability to load the calendar I will load this years shows in the lounge. Thank you
  11. Rockabilly weekend and pre-1972 car show July 29/30 contact(retrofestlancaster@gmail.com) or 717-940-2675
  12. Pledge of allegiance Secretaries Report: Going to all club meeting in MD. 2/25/17. Treasurers Report: Available on request. Presidents Report: Over view of shows coming up this year. Talked about slow response for luncheon. 50/50: $30.00.
  13. Pledge Report: Our site has been hacked and will return when fixed. Upcoming shows are Downtown Media show 7/16/17 r/d 7/23/17 salute the troops 11/4/17 r/d 11/5/17 and the toy run 12/3/17. Treasurer report: Available on request. donated $250.00 to Girl Scouts for the troops. Secretary report: due to hacking Dec.minutes were not available if your reading this it's fixed. There is an all club meeting in Md in Feb. I will attend. Still a work in progress. 50/50 27.50
  14. Thanks for joining the club. our meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ Middletown Presbyterian Church Hope to see you there.
  15. 610-304-7465
  16. I am selling a 1983 Mercedes SL 500. Excellent condition with 47k miles. Looking for 20k, agreed insurance value at 25k. Ray 610-304-7475
  17. Hello Everyone! My name is Nick Costa, and I recently moved to Media with my future wife. I'm sending in my Delco Cruiser membership as we speak, and I'm excited to join the community. I've always been a fan of cars - my father is the type that just wants 4 wheels that can get him from Point A to B, but hanging around my older brother (mechanic), and Uncle ignited a spark for cars. My brother has a 73 Charger (more on that later), and my uncle had a 39 Chevy Coupe - one a lot of the Delco Cruisers are familiar with (more on that too). Now that I'm older, I finally purchased my car about a year ago. Right before I went to grad school I bought a 2009 HHR LT. I needed a reliable car with decent gas mileage, and something big enough to carry my drums to gigs. I joined an HHR forum, and fell in love with the car. I soon learned that an SS model was made 2008-2010, and planned on turning my LT into an SS clone. I've owned my LT for about 6 years now, and have racked 110K miles on it - so I felt turning it into an SS clone was throwing money down the drain. I ended up buying a 2010 HHR SS August 2015, and planned on selling the LT to drive the SS for a few years as an everyday. 3 months into owning the SS, the turbo blew. Looked into options, and figured if I planned on turning this into a show car, I might as well start over. My brother and I ended up installing a high-performance European version of the motor, with a few more upgrades, and turned it into what it is today - which we're told can make about 315WHP (We will believe it when we get it on a Dyno and see it). If you're interested, we did an entire write up on the process, experiments, mistakes and all, here. Now for the 73 Charger - this car was given to my brother after my dad moved out to the suburbs. Growing up my brother always told me he would give me the car when I got older. He eventually bought a truck, and the car sat outside, exposed to the elements. While in College, I helped him with getting body fixed, and car primed for paint, but it's sat ever since. I became a little impatient, which was another reason why I jumped on my SS. I hope to one day continue this build with him, but scheduling, families, etc, keep getting in our way. For my Uncle - He was an original member of Delco Cruisers, Lou Caponi. When he passed, my cousin asked my Aunt to keep the car, and they did with the agreement that Dom would take it to car shows and maintain the car. It's still at my Aunt's house, and Dom comes down from NYC from time to time to take it to car shows. I help with car show prep, and so far it's won awards at both shows we took it to. The Boeing show Summer of 2015, and the Conshohocken Car show June 2016. My dream show would be to have all 3 cars lined up - the 39 Street Rod, the 73 Charger Muslce Car, and the 2010 HHR SS all in a row with all the family there hanging out. Here are some photos of the ride. To honor my late uncle, I had a custom fuse box cover made and asked for them to include an outline of a 39 Chevy (should have specified a coupe, but I know what it symbolizes.) Although my car is fairly new, I hope that 20-30 years down the road it will become a rarity that turns heads at car shows. For now, I get a lot of soccer moms complimenting how it could fit all their kids in it
  18. [*]Pledge [*]Presidents report: President discussed our toy run and how to make it safer. Discussion about naming Bill Edwards to Vice president nomination and election held on floor. Welcome Bill. [*]Secratery Report: My printer took a dump so no copies of minutes. Sorry. Election results Vice President Bill Edwards Treasurer Eileen Manning Board Members Jack Davis, Allen Tibbetts, Ray Ferraro. Thank you and welcome aboard [*]tREASURERS report: Available on request. [ 50/50 $41.00]
  19. This Sunday December 4 is our toy run at Rosetree park from 9 to 11 am please bring some unwrapped toys. Hope to see you there.
  20. The Brookhaven Holiday Parade is tomorrow. The theme of this years parade is Blue lives matter. The weather should be good ,so lets have a BIG turnout. Meet at Our Lady of Charity at 1 pm. Thank you
  21. the delco cruisers mail box has been hacked , not really but a screwup with payment for box being in the box and the USPS deciding to return all the mail incoming we had no ballots received thru the mail for this years election. The members decided via floor vote to hold off elections for a month as we attempt to get to everybody to return their ballots or just bring them in to the meeting on dec 13th. Please us either of these methods to show your support for the candidates.
  22. Looking for my first car or a reasonable facsimile.
  23. [*]Pledge: [*]President's Report: Thanks to all for the Salute show no complaints. Due to Post office issue election held up one month. [*]Secratery Report: Mailed out ballots. Don't forget Bogarts Sunday, Brookhaven Holiday Parade the 19th, And the toy run 12/4/16. [ No Treasurers report
  24. Well the Delco Cruisers would like to extend their gratitude to the Tri state plus car community for their attendence at this years Salute the Troops car show. We had 360 cars , trucks, fire engines etc and collect close to $5k which we redistributed to the organizations who support our troops. Thanks to steve Kurtz for jumping in to help at last minute with the DJ duties. Thanks to the delco cruisers EAST NJ division for their support. All of the organizations have expressed their gratitude to the car community for all their support. THanks to Bob Cleary Bagpiper, Adrian Peterson Bugler and our newest addidtion Heels for Combat Boots for all their hard work support the Cruisers.
  25. Same place as Sunday breakfast just a day earlier. Should this become a winter thing???????????
  26. ] [*]Pledge [*]Secretary report Received give a ways from ROCK AUTO 350 magnets 350 fliers 1 gift card. Still a work in process. [*]Treasurer report: Available on request [*]Presidents report: Discussion on rest of year shows. Nominations for board positions. [*]50/50: $32.50
  27. Last one of the season come on out after 5 pm.
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