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  1. 69 Camaro

  2. FOR SALE: 1970 350 4 bolt block, high nickel #3970010, standard bore. Ive owner this block since 1982. was a backup block for my `70 Camaro, then corvette, then `69 chevelle. great block for a camaro / corvette resto. asking 325.00
  3. Dart in Kansas

    looking good.
  4. new to the forum

  5. here is the video

    nice.... ha.. the wall...
  6. BBC 454 .060

    IV 454 .060 over 4 bolt bare block. ready to build. plate honed and decked. need freeze plugs & cam bearing for assembly. asking 700.00
  7. BBC 454 .060

  8. EmpireCovers.com sells high quality car covers and motorcycle covers http://www.empirecovers.com
  9. GM a-body power steering box, Chevelle, GTO, GS ,442 - asking $100 GM a-body power steering box, pulled from a `70 buick GS
  10. TH400 & 10"

    Chevy Turbo 400 transmission rebuilt 0 miles with shift kit & 10" convertor (3500-4000 stall) 0 miles. was for a project car that is now going to completed with a 4spd. asking 875.00
  11. 1967 date code GM Muncie 4 Speed Transmission. stored away in garage. very little use and it's ready to go. This unit appears to be in great original condition. It's not dirty or grease. It has 27 spline rear shaft and 10 spline front shaft. When I took the main case cover off, i was impressed how clean it is. There are no chipped, broken, or damaged gear teeth. I spun the shaft over by hand and it spins freely with no slop or issues. The main case is in perfect shape with no cracked or broken ears. Nothing has been welded on. The main case number are 3885010, Tailshaft numbers are 3846429GM. Date code numbers are P7E23. Only reason im selling this 4 speed tranny is I have 3 others. asking 650.00 Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this tranny and ill do the best to answer your questions. `67 date code are pretty hard to find.
  12. SBC 350 4 bolt

    350 sbc 4 bolt block GM 3970010 asking 350.00
  13. small world (in the car world )

    funny story here... it really is a small world. the other night i posted a photo of my `69 chevelle doing a wheel stand at atco on the H.A.M.B. forums, "History Drag cars in motion.......picture thread" well the next day i get a PM from a guy in KS, saying he like the photo, and asked if i remember a black `68 from Rutledge, Pa that ran around MacDade blvd. since he was org from the area. I PM'ed back, saying i think i remember the car, BUT i have a friend in our car club that lives in Rutledge and should remberber the chevelle. I was the middle man posting PM's between the KS guy(71Dart440) and pete (MolsonManiac) . well these two know each other... so i invited 71Dart440 to register on our web site. with that, I welcome Bill (71Dart440) im hoping you two can post some old stories about the MacDade mall hangouts and some Old photos. *pete if you need any photos scanned shoot me a PM.
  14. I'm a moron

    the rubber grommets (3)? usually auto part stores like autozone have them in the HELP section. year one, etc also sell them with screws/bolts about 10.00
  15. Breaking News: New Jersey's ATCO Raceway has been sold! Read about it here - http://bangshift.com...-car-racer.html
  16. Sad News

    So sad to tell everyone. The Legend Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins passes this AM at home after a long bout of illness. This iconic racer and engine builder will surely be missed. See you in the NHRA Winner's Circle Willy, Rest on peace.
  17. Cecil County Weds 19 Sep

    corvette on eagle GT street tire 1.98 60' 12.98 @114 camaro 1.26 60' 9.52 & 151mph (60' time is rear tires/ front wheels are 5-6' in the air until the 300')
  18. Cecil County Weds 19 Sep

    Alan. you have to remember on test/tune/street night, the track goes away. too many street cars draging water to the line, not doing a burn out the correct way(you'll see cars do the burnout in the water box, which throws water in the rear wheel wells then drips on the track at the line). you'll notice your 60' will fall off as you cant hook, as you did earlier in the night, better air is more power and a worst 100' track surface
  19. 2011 COPO Camaro

    2012 COPO Race Pak Camaro
  20. 2011 COPO Camaro

    COPO #4 NHRA Stocker (427 NA) 9.381 @ 141mph (This COPO runs in NHRA CC/SA class. National record for CC/SA is 9.43) 2012 COPO Camaro testing at Rockingham. Legal Stock Weight,100% stock LS7 from GM. ECU FAST XFI and XIM combo tuned by Brian Macy Horsepower Connection, suspension tuning by Victor Cagnazzi and Dave Connolly. Driver Dave Connolly. See them at the 2012 US Nationals.
  21. 2005 GTO For Sale

    Alan, I forgot to ask you, did you find anything else in the glove box? i left something in there during dealer prep....
  22. 2011 COPO Camaro

    #3 COPO