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  1. 1: Pledge 2: Secretaries Report. No minutes from last month. 3: Treasurers Report. Available on request. 4: Presidents Report. Trailer registered. Our shows have been approved in Media. 5: 50/50 $33.00. 6: Attendance 23
  2. 1: Pledge. 2: Secretaries Report. No minutes from last month. Remember to pay your 2019 dues soon to avoid the price increase. 3: treasurers Report. Available on request. 4: Presidents Report. Cowtown in March, Media show in July, Salute the Troops in November, Toy run in December. Times should be firmed up by next month.5: 50/50 $55.00
  3. 1: Pledge. 2: Secretaries Report. No minutes for last month, Brookhaven Holiday Parade this Sat.meet at Our Ladies of Charity @ 1pm, Toy Run Dec. 2nd 8am Coffee,hot chocolate donuts, and a nice ride to help kids. 3: Treasurers Report . Available on request. 4: Presidents Report. 222 cars @ the salute show(weather). Toy Run please collect toys for the kids. 5: Election Results. Thank you to everyone who participated. VP. Bill Edwards. Treasurer Eileen Manning. Board Members Alan Tibbets, Ray Ferraro, Rocky Albano Sr.. 6: 50/50 $55.00.

    Swap meet
  5. until
    Registration 10am $15.00 plus canned good. Union Baptist Church. Contact Paul Michalkewicz @ 484-485-1297.
  6. 1: Pledge. 2: Secretaries Report. Zac's in Folsom 9/19, Cowtown 10/28, Brookhaven Holiday Parade 11/17. 3: Treasurers Report. Available on request. 4: Presidents Report. Nominations opened so far nominees are for VP Bill Edwards, Treasurer Eileen Manning, Board members Rocky Albano, Dan Strain, Alan Tibbetts, Ray Ferraro. Nominations are still open. 5: 50/50 36.00

    Family Fun Day 6 or 7 cars @ Strath Haven Middle School. They feed us.
  8. until
    Hosted by Camden County Board of Freeholders and Parks. S. 300 North Park Drive Cooper River Park Free show Contact Stephen Camiscoli @ (856)986-9737 or e-mail (stevecam1746@gmail.com)

    Meet at OUR LADY OF ANGELS 1pm parade starts @2pm cruise through Brookhaven. We have been invited for years rain or shine your cars are still clean from the Salute The Troops show. Maybe the last drive of the season.
  10. until
    Meet @ Rose Tree Park 10 AM go from there.
  11. 1: Pledge. 2: Secretaries Report. One complaint from National night out. Zac's in Aston 8/15 let's have a good turnout please. 3: Treasurers Report. Available on request. 4: Presidents Report. Tom talked about upcoming elections, the Poker Run, and Salute the Troops show. 5: 50/50 $57.50.
  12. ON MY MIND

    Since I have been a member we have supported people and have been supported by people. Zac's helps us every year, our last Zac attack had 1 car. That being said how about coming out to support someone who supports us, that's it for my rant hope to see you in Ridley this Wednesday.

    To support Police and first responders meet at Cardinal O'Hara at 4.30 usually goodie bags and food. Shine em up and bring em out.

    Meet @ Sears Granite run by 8.00 am Cruise to Morgantown Car shop. Point man Ray Ferraro 610-304-7465.
  15. 1: Pledge. 2: Secretaries Report: We went to 2 parades on the 4th it was hot but we made it. Had 60 plus cars at Yachtstock and 4 members joined. 3:Treasurers Report: Available on request. 4: Presidents Report: Update on elections this year. Report on Yachtstock good show need to cut the grass may or may not do it next year. 8/21 Cruise to Morgantown meet at Sears Granite run 8.30 and go from there. 5: 50/50 $51.50. Just Added ZAC ATTACK Ridley 7/18 and National Night Out 8/7/Cardinal O'Hara High School as close to 4.30 as possible.