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  1. Member Board Meeting 050812.doc
  2. Member Board Meeting 031312.doc
  3. Happy Valentine's Dayagenda_feb14-2012.doc
  4. Here are the minutes for the meeting tonight. All that was discussed in board meeting was also discussed at the general meeting. Member Meeting 011012.doc
  5. I apologize for the lateness of some of the minutes - I have recently started working a full time job and I am working on getting into a routine with work, family and kids. So please forgive me and I hope that all of the minutes are up to par as I have also missed a few meetings. Happy Holidays to everyone!!! Member Meeting Minutes 110811.doc Board Meeting October 25, 2011.doc BOARD MEETING November 22, 2011.doc
  6. Minutes from tonights meetingBoard Meeting August 23 2011.doc
  7. Here are the minutes from tonight's meeting.Member Meeting Minutes 080911.doc
  8. Here are the July Board Meeting Minutes Board Meeting July 27 2011.doc

    Happy birthday Mark! Congrats on another trip around the sun
  10. Money Collecters: Glen Greenwalt and Charlie Schmitt ( could use some relievers if anyone would be interested in helping) Registration: Marie Price, Kayla Price, Nicole Philipp; Vic Florio to relieve and also help wherever needed Early Car Parkers: Dave Kelso, Dennis Price, Mike Meehan, Theresa Fiorella, Don Phillip(also will relieve if needed anywhere else) Car Parking Relievers: Joe Brogan, Alan Tibbets, Jack Mercanti, Jim Murray, Jack Davies Clothing: Jim Keenan and John D Please stop at the registration table for you vests, flags and directions. Anyone else that is willing to help, please come to registration and we will find a job for you! Thanks again. Marie
  11. Board Meeting July 12 2011.doc
  12. Board Meeting June 28 2011.doc
  13. Happy Summer Member Meeting Minutes 061411.doc
  14. Cards for Cameron

    If you missed the meeting tonight, I am asking that anyone that can to send a card to a little boy who has a disease that makes his face slope due to his bones disintegration. He is 10 years old and in my daughters class. His mom has posted a message on her facebook page asking people to send cards to Cameron to cheer him up. He had surgery in Boston this morning and was in recovery. If every one of the Delco Cruisers sent him a card, he could come home to about 200 cars just from car enthusiasts like him. also, if you have any pictures of your car hanging around, send them too. He loves cars. We are also sending him a cruisers shirt and hat that the club donated tonight. Hope that helps keep his spirits up. His address is: Cameron Ladley 206 Cleveland Ave. Norwood PA 19074, please put the delco cruisers on there too so that he knows where they come from. Thanks in advance.
  15. Birthday wishes

    Thanks everyone. It was a very eventful day of work, kids doctors appointments and dance class, but then I got to celebrate with my family!! What a great day