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  2. steering column problem

    Yea its a tough one , I'll be at the meeting tonite . I cant twist the whole column , there is a bottom to it.. I'm trying to find out if I cant twist the inside casing which the housing mounts to ,
  3. steering column problem

    Let know if I if this wants to look at it .... Bill I be at the meeting tonight
  4. My Turn signal switch / cancel cam and horn , ... 1967 GTO . I was repairing my cancel cam and horn contact, when I found that during the restoration (who ever did it). they didnt put it back together correctly !!! So I figured I would do it right , myself.. I took it apart and found springs and ###### laying in the bottom of the column. So who ever did it , couldnt do it right so they just layed the switch and stuff in there. I figured out where the springs went and reasembled the housing. I started repairing it and installed new turn signal switch on the column housing .. Now My turn signal lever and hazard switch sit at 8 and 2 o clock in stead of 9 and 3 o clock.. And the housing that the turn signal switch sits in only goes on one way .. There is a inside case around the steering shift , inwhich the switch housing sits on .. only one way .. I'm trying to figure out how to turn that inside casing so that the turn signal switch is on and the lever and hazard botton is at 9 & 3 o clock.....
  5. Heating a 2 car garage-Input Needed

    You can give Me A call about your heater in your garage ... Because are things you have to do to keep everything safe ... Bill (610-368-2030 )