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  1. 4 post lift

    I will be looking for one myself when I get my garage redone. I will probably be asking you where to get it.
  2. The 3rd Friday night cruise at 2 SP brewing is this Friday June 10th. The weather looks very promising so far. Let's make this a great show.
  3. 2SP Brewing Friday Noght Cruise

    Tonight is the night. Clear weather expected. Let's make it rock.
  4. 2SP Brewing Friday Noght Cruise

    One week away, let's hope for good weather.
  5. Starting in April, every 2nd Friday from 5PM on. Details to follow.
  6. Auto upholstery???

    I wish I did. I may need similar services when I construct a center console for my 68 Camaro. I used a shop on Rt 100 just South of 202 to do my headliner a few years ago. I also know there is a shop on Rte 3 near 252, but I can't recall the names of either. Sorry I can't be more help.
  7. Post Holiday Diet

    DO you have RWHP numbers?
  8. Elections

    Tom Manning was reelected
  9. Post Holiday Diet

    Lookin good.
  10. Cruising the Dart

    It sounds like your buddy likes to get on it.... nice.
  11. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    Yes, I did!!!
  12. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    Clutch problem fixed, fuel tank leak fixed, going into the paint shop tomorrow to fix a few issues. Then front bumper and spoiler go back on and it's off to the Wildwood Car Show for the weekend. I also got some slick 5.7L fender badges to replace the original 35o emblems. It will be one of the few visual clues to let people know what is going on.
  13. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    Alignment done, window tinting done. Here is a link to the dyno run. Enjoy.
  14. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    Dyno tune yesterday. 400 RWHP. Alignment being done tomorrow.
  15. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    I will make the salute show no problem. In fact I will be at the Wildwood Boardwalk show in late Sept.