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  1. Post Holiday Diet

    No; not yet - I hope to eventually get to a point of understanding/enjoying the performance of what's been created here LOL. After getting it back together on initial tuning and first time out - had a fuel leak and header leak (fixed those). Second time out ran into electrical problems (blown fuse link/voltage drop) - troubleshot that this weekend (2/21) to a bad alternator (confirmed open stator wire). Replaced alternator today but now time to recoup for work on Monday. Going from the 452 76' 440 smog heads to the Trick Flows was a big jump in power (easy 100+)- that's from estimates coming from the race crowd on moparts.com. Next weekend is a big indoor 4-day show "The Chill" - hoping to have the car there....at least that's the goal!
  2. Post Holiday Diet

    All back together - as usual, took longer and cost more than anticiapted LOL! But wow...what a jump in performance!
  3. Post Holiday Diet

    Going from a stock straight spark plug configuration to angled plugs was curious how clearance would be with the TTI headers...with the heads mocked-up to assess all looked good!
  4. Post Holiday Diet

    The 71 Dart is going on a diet coming out of the holidays... - 440 Source Aluminum Water Pump Housing - 440 Source Aluminum Water Pump - Trick Flow Powerport 240 Aluminum Heads
  5. Christmas Best Wishess

    MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes from Kansas!
  6. Cruising the Dart

    Yes; a really nice Dart with stroked 340; high stall converter (5K), and a lot of head work.
  7. Cruising the Dart

    Thought the gang back in Delco might enjoy this... A fellow Dart owner w/69 Dart wanted to pair up and head to local Friday night cruise spot. He had the go-pro mounted and caught the road trip on video. Enjoy...
  8. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    CONGRATS! Great job staying with it over the long haul! Now its time to go have some fun with it at Wildwood show
  9. Cruisers, Sorry to post sad news...but an East Coast drag racing icon has passed...saw this on Class Racer Forum posted by Tom Kasch RIP Joe.
  10. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    Looking good!!!
  11. Wagons ARE cool!

    It's really amazing to see that Station Wagons are popping up more and more at car shows here. The "Family Trucksters" of yesteryear definitely have a coolness factor to them. Came across this cool concept wagon this past weekend:
  12. Hey Crusiers, The 2015 Kansas Car Show's have begun. Thought I'd share some picts.. Link to Album: Devlin Starbird 2015 Slide Show
  13. Wow! Car Part Found in Mans Arm - 51 Years Later!!!
  14. From Kansas to Delco - Merry Christmas

    From Kansas to all the Delco Cruisers and your families; here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  15. So you are looking for a project huh?

    Hey Cruisers.. was looking for a car for a buddy back east and stumbled across this sweet 69 Camaro. A really nice survivor car....leave exterior like it is, drop a 502 in it....oh the potential! 69 Camaro on Craigs List All is well in Kansas