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  1. I just had to it!

    Can I kick the bench over?
  2. Fond farewell

    Matt, While we've never been personally introduced, I wish you the best of luck. Family comes first, and we do what we have to do to get by. Besides, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to start a South Carolina Chapter of the Delco Cruisers! Take care. Keep the shiny side up. Ed Carangi
  3. What happened to them????

    Bartram Motivation!! I played there too. There's a lot of half balls on the roof of that school!
  4. What happened to them????

    My earlier post asked if anyone else played a game called "c.h.i.n.k" with a pimple ball. Apparently our software finds that term offensive....I guess it never heard of the game....
  5. Transmission shop

    Thanks guys. I'm keeping notes on all of the recommendations so I can shop around when it's time. I'm definitely not rich, so I need it done right the first time. I appreciate all the input.
  6. What happened to them????

    All hail the mighty Pimple Ball! Did anybody else play a game called "######"? It was sort of bare handed tennis played against a wall with a pimple ball. We played in the alley behind the corner store at the end of my block. We could buy the pimple balls at that store, along with our candy and cigarettes. And then when the pimple ball wore out, you cut it in half, found a broom handle, and played half ball. Also, remember when "knocked up" meant you went to somebody's house to see if they could come out?
  7. Pro Stock tire sizes

    Very cool. Thanks. I don't think I can go as wide as 14", since I don't want to tub the car, not yet anyway. Maybe 12 or 13"? I don't mind a little rubbing now and then. I have 2 pairs of 15x10's (SS and SST), and a set of 4 15x7 SS's. Since I already have them, I'll probably stick with the 15x7's on the front. I'd prefer them for the street anyway, potholes and all. Ed
  8. Transmission shop

    Thanks. I added the link to my favorites so I'll know where to go when the time comes. Ed
  9. Drive in Movies

    I actually watched Star Wars at 61st Street, out my bedroom window with a pair of binoculars. Couldn't hear a thing, though.
  10. What happened to them????

    Remember asking your parents if you could borrow "the car" ? My wife recently yelled at my son that she was going to "jack him up!" and he yelled back, "I don't even know what that means!" In my old neighborhood, if you weren't "catholic", you were "public". Remember when a "booty" was something you put on a baby's foot? My grandpop would roll over in his grave if he knew that most people hear A.A. and think of Alcoholics Anonymous instead of Athletic Association (as in Roxy A.A. from Southwest Philly).
  11. Transmission shop

    Can anyone recommend a local transmission shop that can build a high performance TH200R4? I currently have a TH350 so I don't have a core. I don't want the 700R4 because it's longer and I don't want to cut or replace my driveshaft. The motor will eventually be putting out about 400 - 450hp. Thanks Ed C.
  12. Pro Stock tire sizes

    I want to replicate the 1970's Pro Stock look on my 77 Nova. Does anyone know what the typical sizes were for the wheel/tire combos on these cars? I have Cragars in various sizes, but will have to get streel legal tires that are as close as possible in size to the slicks used on the racers. From pictures, they appear to pretty tall, about 29 or 30 inches. Thanks for any help. Ed C.
  13. What happened to them????

    solid, boss, fly, gnarly, swell, bitchin, groovy record player "penny candy" from "the corner store" SA6-1234 style phone numbers on a "rotary phone" steel bumper tennis shoes, gym shoes slacks (dress pants), spectacles (glasses) "beat down", "tune up", "paying the runner's fee" (ever hear those, Glen?) junk yard when a "a spare tire" was actually a real tire when a "DJ" played music on the radio, and didn't make it by scratching records in a club
  14. flashback

    This is more for us children of the 80's: This is the game that got me hooked on racing. It had the coolest open header sound effects, at least to an 11 year old. redline_game.doc
  15. The "old" K & G Speed Shop

    This picture was in the December '09 issue of Car Craft. I was curious if any of the "old timers" remember the K & G shop when it was in Havertown. Recognize any of the guys in the picture? Any interesting tales to share? Ed C.