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    Thank you.
  2. Annual 4th of July Parade-Norwood

    The Citizens of Norwood 4th of July Committee would like to once again Thank the Delco Cruisers for coming to the 104th Norwood-Fourth of July parade. As many may know, the plaques were late and were not given out the morning of at the parade to participants. Judge Tozer dropped off several for the Delco Cruisers. Please see Tom Manning or Glen Greenwalt for your plaque if you participated. Judge Tozer and the committee wanted me to Thank the Delco Cruisers and a donation has been made again to the club for our participation in their annual parade. As in years in the past, next year is on the calendar for the 4th of July in 2017. Hope to see the Cruisers there. Thank you. Theresa
  3. Its that time of year again- Parades. Amazing how fast summer is flying by. Hope all are enjoying it. As in years past, the Delco Cruisers have a standing spot in the Annual Norwood 4th of July Parade hosted by Judge Tozer. Donations to the club have been made for the club for participation on the parade. Each year the set up is the same- Date- 4th of July Starting Point: Interboro High School at 16th and Amosland, Prospect Park, PA- 8 am- Leave at 830 AM End Point- Kugler Park in Norwood- Join the festivities- Food/Games/Refreshments/Moon bounces/Ice cones- Old fashion Party in the Park after the parade. Hope to see you there and I wish EVERYONE a safe- Happy 4th of July. Theresa Fiorella
  4. 4th of July Parade for Norwood

    Thank you to those who came for Norwood's 4th of July Parade. As always-Judge Tozer sends a big thank you to the Delco Cruisers for participating in their 103rd year parade. He also made sure we received a donation for participation knowing the community involvement the club is involved with during the year. Pete extends his invitation once again for Next Years Parade-same time -same place- same date-4th of July. Thank you. Theresa
  5. 4th of July Parade for Norwood

    Been checking the Norwood web to see if the parade is cancelled. In the case of heavy rains... they postpone it till the next clear Saturday.
  6. 4th of July Parade for Norwood

    Bump Happy 4th of July!
  7. As in the many years that have Past, Judge Tozer invites the Delco Cruisers to the 4th of July Parade for Norwood. The parade will be held on the 4th -meeting at Interboro High School Parking lot (16th and Amosland Road, Prospect Park PA- at 8:00 AM and proceeding to the Park for some old fashion fun with food and cold drinks.The parade starts sharply at 830 am. For those who indicated there are parades they need to get to after Norwood's parade- Please see Judge Tozer the day of the parade and ask to be moved to the front of the parade as best as possible in order to proceed to your next destination at the conclusion of the parade. Judge Tozer assured he will do the best he can the day of the parade and always is happy to have the Cruisers. Norwood always gives the club a donation as well for participation. Judge Tozer is not hard to miss- He is always dressed in White and you can see him running around organizing the parade. Ask anyone there and most will know who Judge Tozer is if you have any questions. Happy Summer to all and I wish you good health and the best in the summer of 2015. Theresa
  8. Wagons ARE cool!

    Some of my favorite memories are with our family station wagon. Great car!
  9. Very nice pictures. thank you.
  10. pictures at Salute the Troops 2014

    Great Pictures . . . Thank you!
  11. Salute The Troops

    Article http://www.delcotimes.com/general-news/20141109/veterans-organization-benefit-from-delco-cruisers-event-at-rose-tree-park
  12. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    What's your projection on the finish date Alan? Guess its like the wine you make.... its a process. Its going to be great when its all done. To say you did all of this on your own..... great accomplishment. Going to be a cold winter- glad you have heat in that garage!
  13. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    WOW Great Job!
  14. The 68 Camaro upgrades begin

    I am sure..... Look forward to seeing it.