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  1. engine hoist

    That's great I will give you a call early next week to arrange a pick up. Thank you Chris,
  2. engine hoist

    Hello All, Another HOT one this year but the son says get my car done so I am in need of engine hoist for a couple of weeks to swap a tired 307 to a 350. Can anyone help? I will pick-up of course. Thanks and happy cruising!! Meep Meep......
  3. 66 Chrysler 300 2 door $2500.00

    Hi Carl, Is this car still available? If so what is the location to view in person? Thanks,
  4. 66 Chrysler 300 2 door $2500.00

    MOPAR I am interested.
  5. Ok looking for a FM converter. Don't want to cut up my dash for new age radios. If you have one that works let me know with price and picture. AM today is a drag.
  6. G-Body Parts

    Ok my son says he is interested in all three. Do you have prices in mind and any pictures that you can post? Thanks, Chris
  7. G-Body Parts

    Sorry, Tightening up on internet use at the office. Here is a list of what I need below. If you have any of it I would be interested. If not maybe you know someone that could help. vehicle 1985 olds cutlass supreme. 1. center console 2. steering column 3. posi rear 4. both front fenders 5. both doors 6. trunk spoiler 7. 350 or bigger with trans 8. rear window trim

    Hi Pete, I am not sure if this will fit our 85 Olds Cutlass(G body)but I will ask my son since he wants to convert from column to floor. Do you have a price in mind? What color is it? Thanks, Chris
  9. Linvilla

  10. Newbie

    BB, So many cars there and what a great time. I am sure we seen them but I am so sun burnt and exhausted that I really dont remember. We showed up around 0930 and left about 14 hours later. I was able to ride to Linvilla around 2PM. It looked like it was a great show. Cheers, Chris "Road Runner"
  11. Newbie

    I am hoping to make the Linvilla show but I promised my son that I would weld the patch panels on his G-body this weekend. Will see he has a few years before he is able to drive but you know how restorations can go even if they are mild.
  12. Newbie

    Hello Fellow Cruisers, I attended numerous meets at Moe's last year and to say the least I was hooked. I decided to let my girl come out and play this year for the first time since I purchased her. I was fortunate enough to even win a prize for her good looks this past week at Faith Community Church. What a good time! Anyway I just wanted to say hellow to ALL and look forward to seeing you at future meets and events. My sons will be attending the Pinks All Out event this week and so will I because this is one of our favorite shows. I will be wearing my Delco Cruisers hat of course. Best Wishes, Chris