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The following represent the policies of the Delco Cruisers, voted upon this 1lth

day of August, 2009.

The Delco Cruisers, its officers and directors, shall, in no manner, discriminate

against any person or group with regards to race, religion, ###### or ethnic origin.


1. The Club will not publish a listing of Club members' addresses in order to

maintain the privacy of the membership (to protect from future mailing list

potential by outsiders). At the discretion of the Board, portions of the list may be

released to Club members for the purpose of promotion of Club functions.

2. The issue of stopped payment checks will be handled as follows:

a. If the check is received from a non-member, a letter will be sent by the

Treasurer to obtain reimbursement of the original check amount and any

fees incurred by the Club in the processing of the check.

b. If the check is received from a member, his/her membership MAY by

revoked immediately. These cases will be examined on an individual


3. The Club will purchase and maintain broad form Directors and Officers


4. The Club trailer and/or other Club assets will not be lent out for any reason. It

will not be used for car transporting while owned by the Club.

5. The newsletter editor will submit a copy of the newsletter to the board for

approval before publication. If there is a dispute between the Newsletter editor

and the board the issue will be brought to the membership for resolution by

majority vote.

6. All members must pay dues by cash, check or money order. No special deals will

be granted, such as a free membership or free advertising, EXCEPT for honorary

memberships voted on by the general membership.

7. Members holding office at the same time may be members of the same


Conflict of interest

No member of the Board shall participate in any discussion or vote on any matter in

which he or she or a member of his or her immediate family has potential conflict of

interest due to having material economic involvement regarding the matter being

discussed. When such a situation presents itself, the director must announce his or her

potential conflict, disqualify himself or herself, and be excused from the meeting until

discussion is over on the matter involved. The President of the meeting is expected to

make inquiry if such conflict appears to exist and the board member has not made it


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