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Chevrolet Performance Parts is introducing the COPO Camaro Program.

The COPO Camaro is Chevrolet’s first purpose built Camaro drag-racing specialty car. It is designed to be competitive with the quickest in NHRA’s Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes. Each is delivered with class-approved racing content. A total production limited to 69 2012 COPO Camaros will be built. Production is scheduled to begin in April 2012.

The 2012 COPO Camaro will have only a serial number. It does not have a Vehicle Identification Number and no Certificate of Title can be obtained. COPO cannot be registered, titled or licensed, and cannot be driven on public roads or highways. COPO is specifically offered for off-highway, competitive NHRA track use only.

During the promotional phase for the COPO Camaro Concept, the public was able to communicate their interest in purchasing a COPO if the program were to be introduced for public sale. From the many individual hand raisers who expressed interest in buying a COPO Camaro, potential purchasers have been identified based on customer feedback and an objective sorting process. They will be offered the opportunity to purchase a 2012 COPO Camaro from the Chevrolet dealer of their choosing.

We will begin notifying these consumers of their opportunity to purchase a COPO Camaro on Thursday, March 8th. If a candidate chooses your dealership to facilitate the purchase of a COPO, you will receive a call from a Chevrolet Performance representative explaining the purchase process and asking you to identify a point of contact within your dealership for the customer to work with. Customers will have ten (10) business days after receipt of their personalized COPO Purchase Certificate to complete the purchase transaction with their selected Chevrolet dealer.

Questions regarding this program can be directed to Cliff Cohen with the Chevrolet Performance Team at cliff.cohen@gm.com

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